So you waited for what felt like forever to have your surgery…now onto the hard work of recovering your movement, strength, and function.  You finally get to use your knee properly again!

Frequently patients experience a lot of strength loss and deconditioning while they are awaiting surgery.  Sometimes recovering from surgery is also recovering from that deconditioning.

We want you to recover not only from surgery, but also from the disabilities since the initial injury or decline in function. This won’t be immediate but should be steady once past the initial acute recovery period (2-3weeks).

“I’ve had my surgery. Am I progressing as I should be?”

“How do I access physio?”

In most cases, there is funding for a group exercise class for patients that have had a Total Knee Replacement.  This may not apply if you have had your surgery outside of Alberta.  To find out if you are eligible for AHS funded treatment, phone the Rehab Advice Line:  1-833-379-0563. 

You can access additional physio on your own to meet your specific goals. No referral required. 

At Pursuit, we would love to help you with your post op recovery!  We have yet to meet a patient who does not benefit from some one on one direction as they recover from a major injury or surgery.


If you are unsure if you are progressing well after a surgery, don’t hesitate to give the clinic a call:  403-356-9789 and ask to speak to one of the physios.


Posted by Reagan Niemeyer