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Pursuit Physiotherapy in Red Deer, promotes balanced, healthy living through dedicated, individualized physical therapy for those in pain, unable to participate fully in their daily activities, wanting to maximize their function for work or sport, and wanting to prevent potential problems.

If it is affecting your quality of life, then we want to help you to optimize your function and minimize your pain.

We are committed to your health and want to encourage you to be too.

At Pursuit Physiotherapy, we give our clients the tools necessary to optimize function and return to their best life as efficiently as possible. We assist those who want a point in the right direction as well as those who need intensive regular treatment. We want to empower you to take control over your health.

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Injury Prevention Tips for Golf

Injury Prevention Tips for Golf

Golfing season is upon us!  Whether you’re an avid golfer or weekend warrior there are things you can do to prevent injuries, and maybe even improve your game!  Keep these tips in mind before you start swinging: Do a proper warm-up Walk for a few minutes...

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Men Have Pelvic Floors Too!

Men Have Pelvic Floors Too!

Men Have Pelvic Floors Too!   Do you know a man in your life who is struggling with bladder control? Does your husband, father, son, boyfriend dribble in between trips to the bathroom? OR have to urgently find a bathroom?  Or do you yourself find it hard...

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Physiotherapists in Alberta are primary caregivers in our health care system.

You do not need a doctor’s referral. We serve Red Deer and Central Alberta.

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