10 000 Steps

You’ve been working hard to get your steps per day up to 10 000?  That’s great!  Here is something to consider…are you walking well?  If you are repeating a movement 10 000 times every single day, that movement needs to be working for you, not against...

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Sport Certificate

Certificate in Sports Physiotherapy Awarded to therapists with a special interest in sports physiotherapy and who complete post graduate study, training, and examination in this area of practice. Congratulations Lynsie! Lynsie Fleming, PT, is passionate about treating...

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Pursuit at the Canada Winter Games!

Lynsie, Kara, Nicki and Leanne are volunteering as physiotherapists at the 2019 Canada Winter Games.  Tired but inspired! Through the 2 week period, we are dedicating about 140 hours between us to assist the athletes. We are working at the "polyclinic" where the...

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Pregnancy and Your Pelvis

Pregnancy is a time of great preparation. There are diapers to buy, a nursery to set up, and a car seat to find. There are so many details to prepare for the arrival of a new baby that preparing one’s body is sometimes missed. Did you know that there are...

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Step ‘n Stride for Parkinson’s

What an awesome summer!  We hope you had a great summer.  As we head back to school and routines, stay tuned for more blogs targeting all sorts of pursuits! Next week  we are excited to be involved in the Flexxaire Parkinson Step ‘n Stride fundraising walk on...

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Injury Prevention Tips for Golf

Golfing season is upon us!  Whether you’re an avid golfer or weekend warrior there are things you can do to prevent injuries, and maybe even improve your game!  Keep these tips in mind before you start swinging: Do a proper warm-up Walk for a few minutes...

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Men Have Pelvic Floors Too!

Men Have Pelvic Floors Too!   Do you know a man in your life who is struggling with bladder control? Does your husband, father, son, boyfriend dribble in between trips to the bathroom? OR have to urgently find a bathroom?  Or do you yourself find it...

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Tips to Prevent Running Injuries

Tips for Prevention of Running Injuries Now that spring is here (we think!) many of us are excited to get outside and start running.  Since running is great for your health and fitness, we want you to be able to enjoy this activity without pain or...

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Join Us for Kegels and Cocktails

Know any women that have concerns about their pelvic health - incontinence, discomfort, heaviness, or maybe as a female, you just want to know more about your own body? The Pelvic Health team from Pursuit invites you to join us for Kegels & Cocktails...

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