Injuries from motor vehicle accidents (MVAs) can vary from mild to severe. The most common injury is some variation of a “whiplash” disorder which usually results in pain in the neck, back, etc due to straining the muscles and spraining the joints. In some cases, people in MVAs can suffer broken bones, or have more specific joint problems such as temperomandibular joint dysfunction (“TMJ”). It is not uncommon for people to sustain some head trauma from an MVA and have concussion symptoms. Physiotherapists help you recover from these types of injuries.

You may have already seen your doctor for a medical review and/or X-rays. You should also inform your insurer of your car accident. If you have any confusion regarding your right to access physiotherapy treatment or the forms that are required to access treatment, do not hesitate to contact the clinic at 403-356-9789, or email Insurance protocol encourages seeking treatment within the first 10 days of the MVA.


  Swirl Your Treatment May Consist Of:

      • Pain relief and tissue protection during early stages
      • Hands on treatment to improve movement
      • Machines to help settle pain and inflammation
      • Exercises for regaining movement and strength 
      • Exercises to retrain your sense of balance, head movement, eye movement
      • Assistance with determining appropriate return to work and activity

Physiotherapists in Alberta are primary caregivers in our health care system.

You do not need a doctor’s referral.