Lynsie Fleming is our resident Sports physiotherapist! While all of our physios have experience in treating athletes, Lynsie has dedicated herself to on field physio work in addition to her clinical work. Lynsie has traveled the world as a physio to support Canadian athletes at such events as the Olympics and PanAm Games in such places as Brazil, Mexico, China, and Japan.

Lynsie has achieved a postgraduate Sports Physiotherapy Diploma (SPD). The process included many hours of formal and informal study and mentorship, on field work, and both written and practical examinations. Lynsie successfully completed her SPD in 2021. Her hard work in the sporting community has not gone unnoticed. She has been selected by Badminton Canada as a Team Therapist to support the athletes.

Lynsie’s duties include assessing and treating injuries, providing education and opinion regarding participation in competition, and keeping the athletes in optimal shape as they travel to competitions all around the world!


What is a Sports Physiotherapy Diploma?

A Sports Physiotherapy Diploma is Awarded to therapists with a special interest in sports physiotherapy and who complete post graduate study, training, and examination in this area of practice.

Sport Physiotherapy Canada is an organization that oversees the credentialing program for physiotherapists wanting to do post graduate training specifically related to physiotherapy treatment of athletes. The Diploma is recognized internationally, allowing therapists to be involved in international sporting events.

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