Planning on sneaking away to enjoy the last couple weeks of summer?


If you’ve got a long road trip ahead, try out these bladder tips!

1. Decrease the amount of bladder irritants you consume! Try to cut out sodas, coffee, and artificial sweeteners when you are on the road (or at least decrease how much you consume).

2. Schedule regular stops. We all want to get to the final destination as quickly as possible, but it might help to ensure you have a stop planned every 2-3 hours to maintain a regular schedule. Added bonus – make it a fun stop or something you are looking forward to seeing on your drive anyways, so it doesn’t feel like a chore! Your legs need a stretch too.

3. Just in case??? If you don’t have to – don’t force it. This point spring-boards off the previous point – if you have a scheduled stop but don’t really feel like you need to, that’s okay, too! Emptying your bladder too often can create bad habits. You can always add an impromptu stop if you need to.

4. Chugging can increase your urge to go! Instead aim for small, yet frequent sips of your beverage throughout the trip. Your bladder will thank you!

5. Enjoy your trip! Don’t let the stress of your bladder get in your way. As always – we are here to help for all your pelvic health needs.


Posted by: Reagan Niemeyer