So…your exact number will depend on the length of your neck, weight of your head, etc.
Regardless, it is easy with this visual to see the increased forces at the neck related to chronic head forward and down posture.
Lengthened back of neck, shortened front of neck, chin poke, rounded shoulders etc etc.
While our bodies are amazing and able to adapt to a variety of positions, months and years of these positions will take a toll on your neck health

The other thing?
We are seeing so many shoulder/elbow/wrist issues related to holding small devices in front of your body. Turning your hand to face a device towards you is far from ergonomic. Have a look at the bend in your wrist the next time you are reading an article on your phone.

Manage your time spent on a small device.
When sitting: Start with your pelvis being in a vertical position. Shoulders over hips. Ears stacked over shoulders.
Bring the device up to face level for reading/watching.
Even better: Prop the device (hands-free) closer to eye level.
Choose to use a computer monitor/TV for longer screen episodes.
Change hands often or use the tips of fingers on both hands so that you aren’t curling your wrist towards you.

A few adjustments can make a world of difference to your neck health!

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