Many women enjoy their pregnancies and feel great along the way. I loved so many things about being pregnant, but … not the fact that I could hardly walk for the final stages of my pregnancies. Pelvic Girdle Pain or Lumbopelvic pain is a common problem in pregnancy and can manifest in many ways:

      • back pain
      • buttock pain
      • sacroiliac joint (SIJ – those dimply spots in your very low back) pain
      • tailbone pain
      • pubis symphysis pain in the front of the pelvis
      • sciatica symptoms
      • pain in the perineal region
      • bladder issues

At Pursuit, we use our vast experience in pelvic health physio as well as muscle and joint treatments to assist those suffering from these symptoms. It is possible to improve your symptoms while you are pregnant.

Rost Therapy is a treatment program developed by a Dutch physiotherapist to keep women experiencing pelvic pain more active and functional. It is a therapy regime for lumbopelvic pain that can be used whether a person is pregnant or not. The concepts are simple, centering on achieving balance of motion and muscle control in the pelvis.

Check out this website for some positional tips for people that are experience this type of pain:  Rost Therapy 

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