I hope you’ve had a great weekend celebrating the women in your life! Or being spoiled yourself.  Many women enjoy their pregnancies. I loved so many things about being pregnant, but … not the fact that I could hardly walk for the final stages of my pregnancies. Lumbopelvic pain is a common problem in pregnancy and can manifest in many ways:

  •   back pain
  •   buttock pain
  •   sacroiliac joint (SIJ – those dimply spots in your very low back) pain
  •   tailbone pain
  •   pubis symphysis pain in the front of the pelvis
  •   sciatica symptoms
  •   pain in the perineal region
  •   bladder issues

Last year, I took a Rost Therapy course. Cecile Rost is a Dutch physiotherapist that developed the concepts to keep women experiencing pelvic pain more active and functional. It is a therapy regime for lumbopelvic pain that can be used whether a person is pregnant or not. The concepts are simple, centering on achieving balance of motion and muscle control in the pelvis. I have been very excited at the results thus far. If you know of someone that you think could benefit from this type of therapy, I appreciate you passing along my information. Follow this link for some tests that can help you determine if your symptoms are related to the pelvis.

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