Back pain is common- most people will experience back pain in their lifetime.  This can vary from one event that resolves easily, to ongoing significant pain that limits a person’s lifestyle.

There are many factors that cause back pain, and often more than one factor is involved. 

  • Things like our posture– How do you sit or stand for long periods?  Are you holding a briefcase or baby in one arm?  Sitting at work or home? Are you really forward, or slouched back, or shifted to one side?
  • Has there been a previous injury?- Not just your back, but maybe your leg, and so now you walk slightly differently? Or your arm, and you carry or reach differently?
  • If it was your back, have you regained your flexibility and strength in that area? Were you injured somewhere else in your spine, and it has changed the way the whole spine moves?
  • What is your strength like?  Are you engaging all of your supporting muscles in a balanced and coordinated way? Think hips, abdominals, back and neck muscles, shoulder muscles.
  • What is your flexibility like? Your spine is like a chain- all of the segments have to move the right amount, or another segment has to help out. 
  • What about the shoulder and hip flexibility? They are anchored at the trunk and spine, so if the muscles there are tight it is going to shift the spine as you move the limb.
  • Do you notice that when you are struggling mentally ( possibly with stress, anxiety, or depression) that your pain flares up?  There are connections between our pain mechanisms and emotions. As well, altered function of our digestive system, and abdominal organs can give us back pain as well. 

More questions than answers?

I highly suggest a visit to one of our thorough, talented physiotherapists.  They will help you dig through all of the questions and layers, and identify your specific challenges, and help you make a plan to address them.

Wouldn’t it be great to not have back pain?