Many patients, friends, and colleagues are talking about plans to do some skiing or snowboarding in the next few months.

Your overall fitness level will contribute to your enjoyment of your day at the hill. If you workout now and in the coming weeks, your muscles will have better strength to manage the new challenges at the hill. Cardio training will improve your endurance, and possibly you will feel less of a “burn” halfway down the mountain. Adding balance and agility exercises to your workout will add specific training challenges to your muscles and joints, and reduce your frequency of falling.

Muscle groups to target:

  • hamstring
  • quadriceps
  • core
  • butt

Types of Exercises

  • squats
  • lunges
  • planks
  • balance/agility: side to side hopping, jumping off a step with good landing technique
  • cardio prep such as stationary cycling, running, swimming, stair climbing

Check out these specific EXERCISES from the Banff Sports Medicine Foundation.

Research shows that injury prevention programs/training reduces lower leg injury by 30-50%. Statistics presented by the Banff Sports Medicine Foundation show that 1 in 1000 recreational skiers will have a knee injury, and that there are 14,000 skiers/snowboarders in the Bow Valley region on a busy ski day- that’s 14 knee injuries in one day!

Consider booking an appointment with a therapist to set up your own personal program, especially if you are struggling with pain or moving well when starting your exercise program. Our therapists can help you make a plan that will address your specific needs and restrictions.

Enjoy the snow- however you like! We hope you feel more like the photo below than the photo above.

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