If you’ve binge watched 8 episodes of Fool Me Once on Netflix during the cold snap, you are not alone! You may be noticing some stiffness to go along with the inactivity that the cold weather can bring. Let’s thaw our joints as the temperatures finally start to climb!


Here are five easy exercises to try today. Repeat each one 5 times for 10 seconds. Honestly, 1 rep is better than none!

Enjoy some deep breaths as you go.


1. Lengthen the front of your hip as shown on the rear leg. Modify by holding on or by kneeling on that back knee. Little bit of a tummy squeeze on this one.


2. Yes, imagining you are on a beach will enhance the therapeutic value of this one. Lift the sternum as you reach your arms up. You can always do an upside down V instead if this is too much for your shoulders.


3. No shoulder pinching allowed on this one!


4. Remember doing this measurement as a kid? Pretend you are there again, striving for the tallest measurement possible. Keep the nose and chin level, no tipping. Works well against a wall.


5. Some trunk rotation. Sometimes we need this after slouching. Keep the spin in the upper torso rather than the low back.


How did that feel? Hope you are standing a bit taller and breathing a bit deeper!

These are aimed at mobility. We will send some strength ones in a couple of weeks.


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