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Care: both for the care and attention that you give yourself and also the care and treatment that we give you.

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What to do when your world is spinning

Jan 20 th 2016

 What is Vestibular Therapy? The vestibular system provides information to your brain about the movement and position of your head. The vestibular system is located on both sides of the head, in the inner ear, and is considered the 'balance center' of the body. Vestibular therapy is aimed at restoring optimal function for individuals with dysfunction or injury in this system. Common symptoms associated with vestibular dysfunction include dizziness, vertigo, and disequilibrium or imbalance. Although vertigo is a type of...

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A Little About Us:

Pursuit Physiotherapy promotes balanced, healthy living through dedicated, individualized physical therapy for those in pain, unable to participate fully in their daily activities, wanting to maximize their function for work or sport, and wanting to prevent potential problems.

If it is affecting your quality of life, then we want to help you to optimize your function and minimize your pain.

We are committed to your health and want to encourage you to be too.

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