Know any women that have concerns about their pelvic health – incontinence, discomfort, heaviness, or maybe as a female, you just want to know more about your own body?

The Pelvic Health team from Pursuit invites you to join us for Kegels & Cocktails on April 27, 2018.

Leanne and Nicki are teaming up with other local pelvic health professionals to bring you an evening of learning, along with some fun and cocktails!  Kegels and Cocktails is a night to share information about your pelvic floor function including bladder problems, pelvic pain, exercise ideas and more.

Looking through two women’s magazines recently, there were 4-5 ads about incontinence products!  The selection of products has increased rapidly in the last decade. While people who are struggling with a leaky bladder need these products to support them and make them feel confident, pelvic floor physiotherapy is a more active approach.  We offer treatments for:

  • People who have symptoms of urgently needing to find a bathroom, or not quite making it to the bathroom in time and leaking a little.

  • People who leak with coughing, sneezing, laughing or exercise.

  • People who are avoiding exercise or outings because of their bladder.

  • People who have pain with intercourse.

  • People who have to get up at night frequently to pee.

Come to Kegels & Cocktails to find out more about your body and the changes that you can make to see improvement.

Not comfortable with a group setting to discuss these issues?  We get it! Nicki, Leanne, and Kara continue to be available for one on one pelvic health assessments to determine a treatment plan to help you see improvement.  Kegels are only one piece of a pelvic health program!